The ‘CarronCast’ Project is a local and Folk Club initiative aimed at encouraging and developing Folk and Traditional Music across the Falkirk area offering musicians opportunities to develop their skills in all areas of performance and support in organising events.

It is an ongoing project and each year works with a group of local musicians in the folk and traditional sector providing support in their development as performers in conjunction with performance opportunities throughout the community.

It is envisaged that ‘CarronCast’ will feature as part of an annual Tryst Festival Concert both as performing musicians and in presentation of the event.

One of the main aims of the Festival Concert is to present a high quality entertainment event in an accessible and quality theatre bringing together performances by leading traditional singers, instrumentalists alongside ‘CarronCast’ participants who will gain great benefit from their involvement in this high profile event finding it an enriching and rewarding experience building confidence and professionalism into their performance.

The workshops and seminars will bring professional expertise to those aiming to improve technique and achieve high standard and excellence and those wishing to build confidence into their performing.

Whether an individual’s aim is to perform for the occasional event or on a regular basis, gigging, teaching or career, ‘CarronCast’ will be a fun, inclusive, friendly and accessible way to learn, benefit and enhance everyone’s enjoyment and experience of Folk and Traditional Music.

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